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Better Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is hard work!
Milkease can holistically
help make breastfeeding
quicker and easier
so you can focus on
connecting with your baby!

1-Pack vs 2-Pack Milkease

Do you exclusively nurse your baby?  Then you likely only need a 1-Pack Milkease as it stays warm long enough to use on both sides without reheating.  However, if you have twins or pump often, then we recommend a 2-pack Milkease so you can use them simultaneously.  

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I’ve been having constant pain as my milk has come in and issues with plugged ducts. These provided practically instant relief and are the perfect shape to be tucked into a bra or cami. And help let down and the milk flow faster.

Milkease are awesome! I used them while pumping and now I can pump in half the time. I used to wait 15 minutes before my milk would really let down...but with Milkease it flows out right away.

I love that it can be used both hot and cold! It provided amazing relief from engorgement, helping both mom and baby have a better experience! It's so hard to find products made from natural materials and not plastics and chemicals for breastfeeding support.

Cleared my clogged boob almost instantly. Super comfy and smells so good.


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