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3 Quick & Easy Steps:

works in 3 easy steps

Milkease provides many benefits for mama and baby.   

Below are recommendations depending on your need:

Stimulate & Encourage Let Down - Wrap Milkease around breast, keep opening on bottom of breast.  Apply for 3-5 minutes until the breast is softer / less tense.  

Release Clogged Milk Ducts - Apply Milkease to area between clogged duct and the nipple.  Massage clog while applying Milkease.  

Prevent Clogged Milk Ducts - If you are prone to getting clogged milk ducts, continue to use Milkease before each feeding....especially if your breasts are engorged!  This should "train" your milk ducts to expand easier, and you will likely be able to stop using your Milkease after a couple weeks of usage.  

Empty Breast to Increase Milk Production - Use your Milkease before nursing or pumping and fully empty breasts. The Milkease will help you release more milk than normal.  (Pump after nursing to ensure breast is completely empty.)  Empty breasts will naturally trigger your body to produce additional milk after several feedings.  

Reduce Time Spent Pumping:  Use Milkease before or during your pumping sessions.  It works will all pumps.  It will help stimulate quicker let down and increase milk flow so your pumping sessions take less time!  It can also help extract additional milk and fully empty breasts.  

Reduce Inflammation - Skip the heat!  Place Milkease in freezer for several hours and apply between feedings.  This will help reduce swelling and inflammation.  Use warm Milkease according to directions before feedings.

Soothe Engorgement Pain - Use Milkease as needed to soften breasts and relieve pain.  This may induce let down.  


How It Works

How it Works 

Milkease is filled with whole flaxseed and dried lavender petals.  The flaxseed has a high oil content, and therefore extracts moist heat from the oil when heated in the microwave.  When the warm Milkease is applied to the breast before nursing, the moist heat is designed to dilate (open) milk ducts to increase milk flow, release clogged milk ducts and help soothe engorgement pain.  The dried lavender flowers are added to aid in relaxation, and just plain smell good!



WARNINGS:​ All microwaves vary, do not overheat to avoid fires and/or burns | After warming Milkease, pinch around to ensure no hot spots before using | Do not get insert wet, only the cover can be washed | Keep out of reach of children | Do not heat in anything other than a microwave | It is not a medical devise, it is designed for maximum comfort | Not recommended to use while nursing baby in case it drops on them | Is not a baby pillow or edible