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Our Story

Nicole and her 3 boys


I am Nicole, a mother of three, and the inventor of Milkease.  I stumbled upon this idea as a solution to my own lactation challenges.  I was trying to nurse my first born, Brayden, but was having problems releasing my milk. It was extremely frustrating for both of us. I was told I had clogged milk ducts, and to apply moist heat before nursing.  It worked, however, who has time to take a warm shower before every feeding!  After several rounds of mastitis, I knew there had to be a better way.  That is what lead to the creation of Milkease.  It was a lifesaver!  It was such a quick and easy way to prevent clogged milk ducts, increase my milk flow and regain a healthy connection with my baby.  To my surprise, it also helped me naturally increase my milk supply.  I was a working mom and couldn't have nursed my boys as comfortably, and for as long as I did without the use of Milkease. 

Today my mission is to help other moms that are unfortunately experiencing similar challenges.  No mother should be deprived from the amazing social emotional connection that breastfeeding enables between a mom and baby. Hopefully Milkease will help overcome those barriers and make breastfeeding a little easier for all mamas.