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Can I wash my Milkease?​

Yes!  Remove the cover and wash the cover only.  The insert is made of flaxseeds, so like other seeds it will sprout a plant if it gets wet!  Let's not do that.  Wash the cover by hand or fasten the velcro and throw in the washing machine on gentle cycle with cold water.  Tumble dry low heat.

What is Milkease made of?​

The outer cover is made of stylish (if I do say so myself) 100% cotton.  The insert is made of whole flaxseed and dried lavendar flowers.  The flaxseed extracts oil and creates the moist heat when warmed.  The lavendar flowers are for relaxation..and scent.  Warmed flaxseeds don't smell the best!  ;)

Where is Milkease made?​

The raw materials are found from around the world, but it is manufactured in Dallas, TX.  

How hot should my Milkease be during use?​

Heat your Milkease so it is as hot as you can comfortably stand it.  If it is painful at all, it is too hot!  Let it sit for a few seconds and try again.  It is always good to pinch the Milkease all around before using to avoid hot spots.